Hamptons Yarn handspoun handmade from raw fiber to fnished luxury yarn

Hamptons Yarn handspoun handmade from raw fiber to fnished luxury yarn

Hamptons Yarn handspoun handmade from raw fiber to fnished luxury yarn
Amanda Schaefer, Fiber Artist / Crochetier

Hamptons Yarn Handspun Handmade Spinning Long Island New York

Hamptons Yarn is a brand which offers all-natural, handspun yarns which I process by hand from the raw fiber to the finished yarn. This means you know exactly where your yarn is coming from and I never add any chemicals or use processed heat when working. All fiber is sourced from small American farmers who treat their animals like pets. Many times I am also able to tell you the name of the animal(s) which provided the fiber in the yarn.

It has become an all too common story in the yarn world: You go to a fiber fair and see racks upon racks, booths upon booths of the same product, "superwash Merino sock-yarn". The yarn market has become flooded with this mass-produced conformity and I feel it has led to a severe lowering of the standard within the hand-crafting community. It is within anybody's power to register a wholesale account with a yarn mill and order 50 skeins of yarn - that is not original or creative. I chose not to take the easy way and do what everybody else does; therefore, the Hampton Yarn product is unique, rare, and leads to a superior hand-knit, crocheted, or woven product.

I am first and foremost a crochet designer and knitter with over 10 years of experience. I know what kind of yarn makes crocheters and knitters squeal with delight. If you are going to put hours and hours of blood, sweat, and tears into that knit or crochet project, you should be starting with quality yarn that will be your best friend along the way. I continue to publish my original crochet designs on my website www.muttikam.com and am more than happy to help you with your own projects.

Handspun yarn adds a classy and elegant touch to anything you make, whether you knit, crochet, weave, or felt. You can truly claim that the finished item is 100% handmade.

All yarn is spun on non-electric spinning wheels or handmade spindles. My collection of working wheels ranges from antique wheels made in the 1800s to modern wheels. There is nothing modern about the art of yarn - it has been spun for thousands of years to produce textiles for both everyday wear and trade. Millions of people today still enjoy picking up a pair of needles or a hook in order to relax and create beautiful pieces with their own two hands.

I love lace. Crochet lace, knitted lace, lace knitting (yes, there is a difference!), you name it; therefore, I specialize in spinning yarns ranging from lace weight (35+WPI) to DK weight (~13 WPI). I use fine fibers such as Merino, Suri Alpaca, Huacaya Alpaca, Paco-Vicuna and Kid Mohair for my lace yarns. Many spinners are unable to work with these fibers in their raw state as they are tricky to clean and spin by hand for those inexperienced.

Since everything is made by hand, I may take a while adding new yarns to the shop. Fiber crafting is not a full-time hobby for me. I do have a job and commitments which take priority over yarn, so please be patient if I am not adding new items perpetually. I also attend fiber and craft festivals on Long Island (New York) where I will bring my handspun yarn as well as hand-crocheted and hand-knit items for sale.

Hamptons Yarn is proud to introduce all-natural, plant-derived colored yarns which are dyed entirely by hand. In an effort to meet the increasing demand among yarn lovers for non-synthetically dyed yarns, and maintain a reputation for healthy handmade products, most of our yarns will now be available in both natural and plant-derived colors. For those who have sensitivities to artificial dyes, natural dyes are a wonderful alternative. Dyes are extracted directly from plants and are fixated onto the fiber using non-toxic mordants. A mordant is typically an oxide which forms a strong bond between the dye and the fiber, so that the dye will not wash out of the fiber. The plants and methods used to produce eye-catching plant-based colors have been around for thousands of years. We hope to expand our color palette as we discover new plants and methods of dyeing. Please visit our online shop as well as our retailers to purchase naturally-dyed Hamptons Yarn.

Feel free to contact me at art@muttikam.com with any inquiries.



Hamptons Yarn handspoun handmade from raw fiber to fnished luxury yarn